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Winnipeg police learn what it’s like to have voices in your head

According to a CBC article, Winnipeg police officers are using a training app to simulate voices in a subject’s head in order to better prepare for de-escalation tactics and handling mental health incidents.

April 17, 2018  By Staff

Winnipeg-based SetCan, which makes reality-based training products for police and military forces, created SimVoice for this purpose.

“An officer wears wireless headphones connected to the app that runs on any mobile device. The app has a number of pre-programmed scenarios in which voices speak to the person wearing the headphones, who is armed with a knife, gun or bat.”

SetCan CEO Jeff Quail, who is also a former police officer, says SimVoice is free to any police force and while the Winnipeg Police Service has been one of the first to adopt the program, more than 100 police forces across North America have expressed interest.

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