PPSS Group has launched SlashPRO Cut Resistant Neck Guards to protect both the carotid artery and jugular vein.
Pedego Electric Bikes has presented the Pedego Patroller Edition, a “high-performance electric mountain bike designed to empower law enforcement, security and safety personnel as they protect and serve.”
Vancouver-based Face Forensics has announced a unique new capability – the capacity to identify the faces of dead bodies, i.e. with eyes that are closed. This also includes scenes where the face is significantly damaged.
Monadnock, a brand of The Safariland Group, has introduced the ExoTech Arm Protection Kit and the Model D4CC Delta 4 Crowd Control Kit.
Keep weapons organized, secure and in good working condition with the WeaponWRX Storage System from Spacesaver.
Hanes men’s Tec ComfortGear X-Temp Active Comfort Tight, the Sleeve and the Sock all utilize Triple Tec innovation: X-Temp, FreshIQ and Slide On Technology.
The Barracuda is a layer of protection designed to slow down and frustrate an attacker, thus buying time for any targets to escape and/or law enforcement to arrive and intervene.
MagneCarry is designed to hold a firearm “securely and discretely” inside the waistband of the wearer.
U.K.-based PPSS Group says it has recently seen record sales for their SlashPRO Slash Resistant Clothing brand.
Inkas has unveiled its new Sentry multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a “pick-up truck” style rear bed.
The new Tikka T3 TAC A1 is a rifle that meets “the strictest quality requirements for long range accuracy at this price range,” according to the company, headquartered in Finland.
Drone Delivery Canada was at the Toronto Stock Exchange yesterday and unveiled its new Condor drone, which has been in development for the past year to serve as a delivery cargo aircraft. The Condor is expected to have a payload capacity of 180 kilograms (400 pounds) and a potential travel distance of up to 200 kilometres.
As a physician, I believe in evidence-based medicine. The purpose of evidence-based medicine is to optimize decision making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well designed and well-conducted research. I believe the same principle should apply to the profession of policing. So why do North American law enforcement agencies regularly use psychological debriefing after a critical incident?
I am fortunate to spend so much time reading about and conversing with so many law enforcement leaders.
We catch up with our Holding the Line columnist to learn more about The Haven.
Just a Cop: A Memoir of My 30 Years with the Toronto Police Service and as an Undercover AgentBy Hal Cunningham; 2018, 184 pagesISBN: 978-1-792-06588-0
In a split decision, the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal has ruled that an assistance order attached to a Transmission Data Recorder (TDR) warrant can order a telecommunications service provider (TSP) to give the police subscriber information related to the numbers recorded.
The link between animal cruelty and other forms of violence was discussed in the February 2019 Behavioural Sciences column. Animal cruelty can co-exist with other forms of violence, such as domestic violence, homicide and child abuse, to name a few. The blood sport of dogfighting, and its connection with gangs and organized crime, was also discussed. Although more prevalent in other countries, it has become a growing concern in Canada. Dogfighting is the act of encouraging, aiding and assisting in baiting or fighting of dogs (or dogs fighting with other animals) and is addressed in s.445.1 of the Criminal Code.
It can be tempting to stigmatize a previous or subsequent generation. It is often a reaction to fear of the unknown. Embracing a way of thinking or behaving in a way that is foreign to us can be daunting, as we are inclined to think and act according to what we know or believe to be true.
Law enforcement officers around the globe are becoming increasingly adept at catching child traffickers, child sexual abusers and online pornographers. Artificial intelligence is helping to grow the capture rate exponentially while simultaneously reducing the human toll on law enforcement and data mining staff. In fact, evidence now shows that the psychological damage from viewing online images while vetting child-centered sex trafficking online has an adverse effect on our men and women in blue.
It’s a busy Saturday night at the port of Douglas, south of Vancouver. You’re a CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officer, in your third one-hour road stint that shift. The secondary parking area is full; mostly travelers paying taxes and people applying for immigration permits.
The body worn camera (BWC) debate was one of the topics we covered at Blue Line Expo 2018. It seems to be a discussion we revisit frequently — never getting much further along in a collective Canadian consensus than the last time we all hummed and hawed about the best way to navigate this evolving technology.
It is no secret that assaults on correctional officers in Canada have increased significantly over the last few years. This rise may be attributed to a number of factors such as generational specifics of inmate population, overcrowding and recent changes to institutional policy and procedures.
Change can be an anxiety-filled experience and yet it takes place throughout every aspect of our lives, whether we recognize it or not. Everything — from the cells in our bodies to the universe we live in — is constantly changing and evolving. I spoke of change in past articles and how our perception of that change can be viewed from a positive perspective. As the world evolves, we are also learning of and creating change with our perception of every experience. It is so exciting to know we can never unlearn anything and as such we are forever changed.

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