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Strategic Solutions: Combating Auto Theft

March 18, 2024  By Blue Line Staff

Auto theft poses a significant threat to public safety and property, demanding a unified and strategic response from law enforcement agencies. In this webinar, our distinguished guest speakers, Det. Scott Cresswell of York Regional Police and Det. Greg O’Connor of Peel Regional Police, will shed light on the initiatives and practices employed to combat the rising tide of vehicle theft.

Don’t miss this opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard your community against the increasing trend of auto theft. Reserve your spot now!


Date: April 16, 2024

Time: 11 a.m. EDT


Det. Scott Cresswell, York Regional Police

Detective Scott Cresswell has been a member of York Regional Police in the Greater Toronto Area since 2003. Scott has been assigned to the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau – Auto/Cargo Theft Unit for 13 years. Since 2018 Scott has operated as one of the Detectives for the Auto/Cargo Theft Unit. Scott has worked in a variety of different capacities including Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations Bureau, and the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau. Scott has previously lectured on the overseas trafficking of high-value vehicles in Glasgow, Miami and Honolulu.

Det. Greg O’Connor, Peel Regional Police

Det. Greg O’Connor is employed with Peel Regional Police, and has experience in uniform patrol, the Break & Enter Unit, Street Crime Gang Unit, and Commercial Auto Crime Bureau. O’Connor was awarded Peel Regional Police Investigative Team Award for Project High 5 in 2022 while promoted to Detective in the Commercial Auto Crime Bureau. He was the successful team lead investigator and acting supervisor to Project Baijin, Project Gta-affordable, Project High 5. O’Connor is a lead in numerous Joint forces operations (JFO) to Auto Crime related investigations with services throughout the Province of Ontario. O’Connor is the current Canadian Director of the Northeast Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

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