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Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year award recognizes and encourages a standard of excellence that exemplifies leadership as an activity not a position, and pride in service to the public. Its goal is to highlight promising new officers who are effectively paving the way for the policing of today and tomorrow, and creating positive waves among their peers, agencies, communities and beyond.



This award is open to active Canadian police officers who have been serving for three years or less and are below the rank of senior officer. They must have demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to service through deeds, resulting in a measurable benefit to their peers, their service and the community.

*Note: the “senior officer rank” includes personnel who have obtained senior officer status, normally at the rank of lieutenant or higher, such as chiefs, deputy chiefs, staff superintendents, superintendents, staff inspectors, inspectors, lieutenants and other equivalent ranks.



Blue Line Magazine solicits nominations annually for consideration. Each candidate must be nominated by two senior or commanding officers participating in the nomination and endorsed by the agency head.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: Nomination packages must now be received by Jan. 8, 2024 and can be emailed to:

To be considered for the Blue Line Magazine Rookie of the Year Award, submissions must meet the following:

  • Application form: Completed and signed by the two senior or commanding officers and the agency chief, commissioner, or deputy commissioner participating in the nomination.


  • Synopsis and description: One-to-two typewritten pages (not to exceed two pages) summarizing the nominee’s demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to their peers, service and community.
  • Supporting materials: Any newspaper clippings, magazine and trade articles or any other material in support of the nominee’s application may also be submitted. Items that are not transmittable via electronic means must be received by the January 8, 2024 deadline to be considered.

Any application not fulfilling these requirements will be disqualified.

Applications must be received January 8, 2024 and can be emailed to:

The panel members and Blue Line Magazine reserve the right to veto any nomination that does not subscribe to, or demonstrate the stated mission, or meet the eligibility requirements. The panel members and Blue Line Magazine reserve the right to, if necessary, not bestow the Leadership Award or Rookie of the Year Award for any given year.

Final decision will be made by group consensus or majority vote.



An independent panel of up to six current and former police practitioners will review the submissions and declare a recipient for each calendar year. The panel members will be selected by Blue Line Magazine in consultation with current and former police practitioners and will reflect the diversity of Canadian policing.



The winner of the Rookie of the Year Award will be honoured during Blue Line Expo.



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