Blue Line

Sneak Peek: An advance look at the Blue Line Expo show floor

Here’s a look at some of the innovative technology on display and services offered on May 3 at Blue Line Expo 2018 in Mississauga at the International Centre.

April 11, 2018  By Staff

For a full list of who else is exhibiting, click here. See you there!

Robbery Detection System
Booth # 34
According to Public Safety Canada, robbery costs our communities an average of $32,022 per incident. EhEye Inc. is a Canadian technology company that protects people by automating video surveillance. Robbery Overwatch is a portable Robbery Detection System (RDS) designed to reduce crime through targeted short-term police deployment, real-time robbery alerting, and public awareness campaigns to communicate that the risk of being caught just went up. Way up.

Your Power Yoga
Booth # 58
Our intention at Your Power Yoga is to bring healing to the police force by introducing mindfulness through tactical breath work while adding the element of physical challenges paired with mental training. This will give officers a greater sense of awareness, clear headed and calmness in stressful situations. Services offered:
1. Yoga practice,
2. Meditation,
3. Yoga Massage.

Share emergency response plans and cameras
Booth # 12
Using patented, award-winning technology, ERP has developed a hosted Tier Three Data Centre portal on a secure private network where clients remotely store, access and share emergency response plans and cameras. EM&C Plans typically include everything about the building, the people in it and the services feeding. Police Command Centres are authorized to access the information and share it with Police, Fire and EMS responders in advance of arrival. Hazardous materials, and other important data is immediately available on the dashboard. Sharing plans and camera feeds with responders enhances response. Command Centres can provide notification to affected persons and properties.


Head-to-toe uniforms
Booth # 49
KLE Distributors Inc. is a national full-line supplier of innovative uniform and equipment solutions innovative uniform and equipment solutions to Canada’s Law Enforcement and Public Safety community. Featuring products from Survival Armour, Flying Cross uniforms, 5.11 Tactical, Stop Stick, Sabre OC Spray, Original Swat, Bates, Smith & Wesson, ASP, Pelican, Streamlight and much more.

A worldwide network of contacts
Booth # 52
The International Police Association (IPA) is one of the most unique and interesting social organizations in the world. This fraternal body is dedicated to unite, in service and friendship, all active and retired sworn members of the law enforcement service worldwide. The IPA – Canada strives to enhance the image of the police in its 63 member countries, and to facilitate international co-operation through friendly contacts between its more than 430,000 member law enforcement agents of all continents. It is not the purpose of the association to be involved in any way with departmental policy, discipline or unionism; it is solely dedicated to cultural, social, travel and recreational pursuits.

End-to-end security surveillance solutions
Booth # 37

FrontLine 2
When wearing FrontLine 2, IndigoVision’s second generation Body Worn Video camera, every incident is seen, heard and recorded thanks to its incredible 28 hours, encrypted on-board recording, 130-degree lens, HD video and high fidelity audio. It’s robust, too. An IP54-rated, impact-resistant casing and weatherproof micro USB means the FrontLine 2 can withstand the toughest of environments. FrontLine 2 is also highly configurable, with four programmable control buttons and pre-record functionality.
IndigoVision’s Artificial Intelligence, powered by BriefCam, uses BriefCam’s Syndex Pro software. It uses advanced computer vision and deep learning technology to intelligently condense hours of footage into just a few minutes, presenting you with just the items of interest. Your time is spent more efficiently and effectively on video review. Video search is done with ease; you can locate and investigate events quicker than ever before, just like a superhero.
IndigoVision’s CyberVigilant is a unique and innovative cyber-security technology that offers a quick response to potential cyber-threats. Complimenting IndigoVision’s existing CyberVigilant 16 & 24 channel device, this new technology provides advanced cyber-security technology for IndigoVision’s BX cameras.

Aerial vehicles – DJI Matrice
Booth # 21

DJI Matrice 200 Series

The DJI Matrice 200 series from OmniView Tech is the ultimate workhorse for emergency response personnel. When time is of the essence and weather conditions turn foul, first responders require a versatile and reliable aerial platform. Carrying visual and/or thermal sensors, the M200 provides situational awareness of potentially dangerous situations such as fires, searches, and natural disasters. Incident commanders can use data collected by the M200 to make smarter and better decisions, protecting life and property while minimizing the safety risk to rescue personnel. Available in three models (Matrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 210 RTK) to meet the needs of various department applications.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro
The DJI Matrice 600 Pro is a heavy-lift unmanned aerial vehicle with a maximum payload capacity of 20 lbs. Designed as a platform to build upon, users are able to customize and mount various third party hardware systems with the UAV to fully maximize operations. The M600 Pro is fully compatible with the DJI Onboard SDK and Mobile SDK to meet the requirements for those building software for various industrial applications. The unit is also compatible with various visual and thermal cameras to assist in enhancing emergency operations.

OmniView Tech provides end-to-end solutions for the UAV industry.

Vacation time?
Booth # 9
The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is an organization mandated by the Ontario government to administer the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 which governs all of the approximately 2,400 travel retailers and travel wholesalers registered in Ontario. In addition, TICO administers an industry-financed Travel Compensation Fund.

For the opioid crisis…
Booth # 16
A purpose-built carry solution for Narcan Nasal Spray, the Narcan Kit is the “only first responder endorsed carrying solution in the market.” It boasts a rugged nylon exterior, interior poly insulation and pull-tab access for glove-friendly accessibility. It holds one or two doses, nitrile gloves and a breathing barrier. It also easily deploys on utility belt, vests and “molle” (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) systems.  

Red and blue lights
Booth # 14
Many Wain specializes in the design and manufacture of warning light products for police cars, fire engines, EMS and construction vehicles. Our products are certified by USA regulation of SAE; and Europe regulation of ECE R65. The main product categories are Strobe light; Beacon; Light bar; Traffic advisor

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