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504 guns handed to Toronto police in week one of three week buyback program

Toronto police say they collected 504 firearms during the first week of their three week gun buyback program.

May 6, 2019
By The Canadian Press

Police say the 349 long guns and 155 handguns will all be destroyed.

Any Toronto resident who wants police to pick up an operable, registered or unregistered gun from their home will be paid $200 for a long gun and $350 for a handgun.

The guns will be inspected to determine if they’ve been used in a crime, and people who hand them over to police will not face a charge for possessing or unsafely storing a firearm.

Anyone who has a gun they want to turn in is asked to call police so an officer can come pick it up — they do not want people bringing guns to police stations.


The gun buyback program ends on May 17.

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3 Comments » for 504 guns handed to Toronto police in week one of three week buyback program
  1. Lb says:

    Does this program of buyback only apply to Toronto or is it a nation wide program.

    • Renée Francoeur says:

      This one is being run by Toronto Police, yes. But other forces and governments have run similar programs. Saskatchewan held a gun amnesty earlier this spring. It just finished on April 19.

  2. Trevor says:

    How many gang members handed in their guns? 504 is nothing in a city the size of Toronto where there is likely hundreds of thousands of firearms legally owned and when you add in the illegal ones I would not be surprised if its closing in on a million. All this did is waste taxpayers money and police resources so someone could gain some political points. These turn-in’s have been proved time and time again to not produce less gun crime. Much like security lines at airports its public safety theatre.

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