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RCMP testing new extended range impact weapon for general duty

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is currently testing a new extended range impact weapon (ERIW) in a pilot across all provinces with the exception of Quebec from now until May 2019.

October 15, 2018  By Staff

The 40 mm ERIW currently being tested.

Staff Sgt. Tania Vaughan with RCMP media relations told Blue Line in an email the RCMP is testing the Heckler & Koch HK269 40 mm launcher, “a less lethal weapon that uses 40mm low velocity sponge rounds,” for general duty in policing.

“The RCMP continually reviews its policies, procedures and equipment to ensure it is using the most effective practices in law enforcement.  This includes researching and on occasion, pilot testing, new technology, if it is deemed to enhance police and public safety,” the email went on to states. “The RCMP cannot move forward with adopting a new firearm or specialty munition without completing its due diligence.

Extended range impact weapons provide increased distance from which police officers can respond to a subject who may be intent on harming themselves or others. This increased distance allows police officers, when tactically feasible, more time to attempt de-escalation.”

Additionally, it was noted the RCMP enhanced the Crisis Intervention and De-escalation (CID) training available to RCMP officers:


“As of September 2016 a new, online course, on CID is now mandatory for all RCMP officers to complete.

The CID training is complemented, when tactically feasible, by less lethal options such as the 40 mm ERIW when at a distance and conducted energy weapons and oleoresin capsicum (pepper) spray when the subject and police officers are closer.   

Specialized RCMP units such Emergency Response Teams and Tactical Troops currently use ERIWs.

The devices are considered an ‘intermediate weapon’ within the RCMP’s Incident Management Intervention Model.

The IMIM is the framework that RCMP officers use to assess and manage risk through justifiable and reasonable intervention.

Prior to participating in the pilot, RCMP officers receive training and must be certified to use the 40mm ERIW.

All deployments and uses of the 40mm ERIW must be reported through the Subject Behaviour/Officer Response Reporting process.”

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