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Versaterm announces AI-powered non-emergency reporting within the Case Service Solution

May 3, 2023  By Blue Line Staff

May 3, 2023, Ottawa, Ont.  Versaterm Public Safety has announced the launch of its conversational AI-powered Case Service Reporting. Community members can submit non-emergency reports by holding conversations with a virtual investigator via voice, web, text or an agency’s mobile app. This solution for non-emergency reporting aids agencies in meeting their community members’ expectations for immediate service and extends the agency’s capacity to handle other priority incidents.

“Consumer brands in the private sector have set new standards for service excellence. Community members now expect the same level of care and modern technology from their public safety agencies. With Case Service Reporting, we are applying the power of AI and intelligent automation to revamp the non-emergency reporting experience, focusing on improving community engagement and service delivery,” said Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Vice President of Products, Versaterm Public Safety.

The advanced conversational functionality in Case Service Reporting is designed to enable a virtual investigator to guide reporting parties through the filing process by attentively listening, thoughtfully questioning, and seamlessly adapting to responses. The solution is said to help the community overcome challenges with complex online self-filing systems that often use unfamiliar police terminology, which can increase the rate of incomplete reports for agencies. Case Service Reporting writes the report in full compliance with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), issues a case number following agency validation, and provides community members with regular updates throughout the review process.

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