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Cellebrite introduces Pathfinder X for digital investigations

March 21, 2023  By Blue Line Staff

Mar. 21, 2023 – As agencies and investigators at every level of the justice system face increasing pressure to remain one step ahead of criminal offenders, the need for confident end-to-end collection, review, analysis and management of digital data has never been greater. Cellebrite recently announced Pathfinder X, the latest version of Cellebrite’s Investigative Analytics Solution.

Pathfinder X now supports additional superior ingestion capabilities for Android and IOS backup files, PC backup and archive files (tar, rar, gz, and zip). Extracted information is said to be enriched for further analysis, and said to be easier for users to uncover valuable insights.

The new version of Pathfinder X is engineered to have enhanced investigation tools that make it an effective solution for resolving cases. With advanced person resolution traceability algorithms, investigators may be able to quickly, lawfully and accurately identify individuals of interest and trace their movements and actions. The reporting service provides comprehensive and customizable reports to aid in analysis and decision-making. The location model allows for more precise and accurate mapping of data. Additionally, the new version is said to include data duplication identification and grouping capabilities to streamline the investigative process.

These features work together, alongside the entire Cellebrite portfolio, to ensure secure, compliant, and scalable data management solution as investigative teams build their cases in pursuit of justice.


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