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July 23, 2020 at 1:00pm ET


Using Android smartphones, Visual Labs provides police-grade body worn camera, in-car camera and interview room camera solutions – an alternative to expensive, proprietary hardware.


Using software installed on Android smartphones, the Visual Labs body camera solution provides a highly secure body camera solution and much more.  The solution provides the functionality of a body camera, a digital camera, an audio recorder, a personnel locator and a fully functioning smartphone all in one hardware device.  Docking stations are not required because all footage is uploaded wirelessly.  Live video and audio streams can provide real-time situational awareness from the field and can be activated remotely or on-scene.  Real-time positional awareness provides the ability to know the location of an officer in a critical situation.  Secure cloud storage within Canada is included for a complete, cost-effective evidence management solution.



Visual Labs offers a smartphone-based dash camera solution to complement its body worn camera solution.  Agencies can easily manage their body camera and dash camera footage using a single evidence management platform.  Multiple automatic activation options include lightbar, speed and BWC linking to ensure that dash cameras are recording when they need to be.  Compared to outfitting a vehicle with a traditional dash camera system, Visual Labs’ software-based approach can result in up to a 90% cost savings (approximately $800 vs. $8,000).



The Visual Labs interview room solution complements its body and dash camera systems so that an agency can maintain all footage in a single evidence management platform.  By leveraging smartphone hardware, agencies can save 50% or more over other available systems.  Remote activation and remote viewing are some of the many available features.

The Visual Labs body camera solution in 90 seconds

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