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Virtual Event
Blue Line Virtual Symposium & Product Showcase
July 23, 2020 at 1:00pm ET


Achieving Situational Response with One Tool: How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Centralize Crisis Communications with BlackBerry AtHoc

During an incident, every second counts and an effective response relies on informed and timely decisions. Enhance your situational awareness while seamlessly communicating with responders and facilitating collaboration.

BlackBerry AtHoc can advance and enhance your crisis communication infrastructure through critical times, through current changes and upheavals, and also through routine functions. Solve five key operational challenges that agencies are grappling with every day:

  • Keeping staff notified and up to speed when rules are changing daily
  • Keeping frontliners safe when they’re in the field
  • Understanding the location and availability of every resource, 24/7, so the right people can be deployed immediately
  • Maintaining security and compliance through a crisis
  • Centralizing communications for a single source of truth within and across organizations (including Fire and EMS)

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