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Town approves agreement for renewed RCMP Watch Clerk Program

June 22, 2023  By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

June 22, 2023, Strathmore, Alta. – The Town of Strathmore has approved a Memorandum of Agreement with Rocky View County and Wheatland County for the continued funding of the RCMP Watch Clerk Program.

This funding agreement will cover the costs for three full-time equivalent watch clerk positions for a term of three years.

Under the agreement, it is noted that each of the participating municipalities will share the costs equally. Prior to the renewing of the agreement as presented, these funding agreements were renewed annually.

A series of one year funding agreements has been in place between Rocky View County, Wheatland County and the Town of Strathmore since 2018, though due to funding being contingent from year to year, this has contributed to staff turnover as opposed to retention.


According to the Town of Strathmore, establishing a multi-year agreement creates a predictable funding model which is able to offer competitive salaries, and facilitates both better recruitment as well as retention for these positions.

Funding for a full-time, permanent watch clerk position with local RCMP was approved by the Town of Strathmore in June 2018.

The desired outcome, as indicated by town administration in the June 7 meeting agenda, is for all of the partners to approve the document, and ensure a consistent, predictable funding model for the positions.

“This is a great opportunity to extend a regional partnership in a meaningful way. Ensuring we can attract and retain talented candidates for watch clerk positions will improve the efficiency of our RCMP detachment and their ability to serve our communities,” said Mark Pretzlaff, director of community and protective services.

The intent of the RCMP watch clerk program is to allow RCMP members to increase their presence on roads, as well as in the community by entrusting administrative duties and obligations to watch clerks.

The Town of Strathmore has defined a watch clerk as an administrative staff member who works the same shifts as a constable or particular RCMP watch.

Following the approval of the Memorandum of Agreement, administration was directed to work with Rocky View County to ratify the agreement.

Wheatland County council had approved their participation in the Memorandum of Agreement prior to the June 7 Town of Strathmore regular meeting of council.

Rocky View County has voiced their support for the Memorandum of Agreement, and their ultimate approval is expected to be finalized in the near future, though no formal date or deadline has been indicated.

Via a release, the Town of Strathmore has stated it is looking forward to finalizing this ongoing partnership, and the continuation of effective policing services in the region.

– Strathmore Times

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