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Toronto Police Service presents six-month update on modernization implementation

The second quarterly report detailing the Toronto Police Service’s implementation efforts to transform the organization into a new, modern police service was presented recently at the police services board meeting.

“These are exciting times for the Toronto Police Service,” said Chief Mark Saunders. “We are changing our policing model, connecting our officers, modernizing human resources and continuing to work with our partner, the City of Toronto, around service reallocation to allow the TPS to return to core policing.”

Recent highlights include:

• The implementation of the Community Investigative Support Unit (C.I.S.U) in 32, 41 and 42 Divisions. A Service-wide rollout will take place by the end of the year, TPS says.

• 35 officers are participating in the next phase of testing mobile technology for Connected Officer Program. That program will see frontline officers equipped with mobile technology so they can access the data, information and software they need to assist the public in solving problems or offering solutions on a local, community level.

• Aligning the “planning and design of the new policing model with a new human resources structure to make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of the service’s competency framework and how this will apply to recruiting new talent.”

The next quarterly report will be presented at the Toronto Police Services board meeting this fall.

Mandated to look beyond the way policing is currently done in Toronto, the Transformational Task Force (TTF) proposed a modernized policing model for the city. The final report — Action Plan: The Way Forward — contains 32 recommendations and was accepted by the Toronto Police Services Board in February, 2017 as the Service’s Business Plan for the next three years.

To read more about this, visit The Way Forward.

August 25, 2017  By Staff

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