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SAM Medical’s new bleeding control kits

May 23, 2019  By Staff

SAM Medical’s SAM bleeding control kits are now available.

They are designed to empower more bystanders to take an active role in stopping massive bleeding caused by everyday traumatic emergencies, natural disasters and man-made disasters. Featuring its award-winning SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, the easy “click, twist and secure” tourniquet, each kit is outfitted with the “most essential and easy to use supplies to stop life threatening bleeding injuries during those critical first few minutes before emergency medical personnel arrive.”

The company has also opened its new online store. For the first time ever, the general public is now able to purchase its entire SAM Medical product line, including the new kits, the SAM Splint, SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, SAM chest seals and more.

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