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Rosslare’s UHF-SMART BLE-ID & UHF Integrated Readers

May 23, 2019  By Staff

Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., a provider of security solutions, has been awarded CE (RED) 2017 Edition, and FCC (CFR 47 – Part 15.B) certification on its new AY-U920BT and AY-H915BT UHF SMART BLE-ID and Long-Range UHF Readers.

The main benefits of this UHF-RFID passive tag technology, featuring EPC-Gen 2 tag, include the ability to read multiple tags within the read range (up to 70 tags) and the ability to achieve a read range of up to 12 metres (U920) and six metres (U915), where standard RFID and NFC are between six to 70 cm. The readers also support Rosslare BLE-ID credentials that are based on smartphone apps (available for Android and iOS). The BLE-ID Bluetooth credential feature allows for driver and vehicle authentication by systems that have a vehicle with several drivers. The system can log which driver is with which vehicle and request dual authentication.

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