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Power by Konstantinos Papazoglou and Daniel Blumberg

June 22, 2020  By Sgt. Bill Rusk (Ret.)

Power: Police Officer Wellness, Ethics, and Resilience
By Konstantinos Papazoglou and Daniel Blumberg; 2019, 280 pages
ISBN: 978-0128178720

Trauma exposure within the policing and first responder environments can lead to real, de-habilitating psychological injuries if left untreated. Although there are no slings, crutches or bandages for such operational stress injuries, the end consequences may lead to suicide ideation, attempts or actual completion. This in turn contributes to disastrous consequences for the involved member, their families and loved ones, along with their colleagues and the community in which they serve.

The authors of the book Power provide an extensive collection of education, awareness, research and accessibility to evidence-based techniques that can provide members, their families and loved ones with the information, skills and coping strategies necessary for enjoying an exciting career. This book arms them all with vaulable knowledge by promoting wellness and healthy strategies that can be implemented via individuals and their respective organizations.

This book will become required take home literature for all first responders participating in our future Badge of Life Canada programming, focusing on topics, such as moral injury, sanctuary trauma and perceived injustice.

– Sgt. Bill Rusk (Ret.), executive director, Badge of Life Canada


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