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Influx of police greets Outlaws in Gananoque

January 18, 2023  By Keith Dempsey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Jan. 18, 2023, Gananoque, Ont. – Friday the 13th saw an influx of police in Gananoque to deal with a biker-gang visit, which happened without incident, police reported this week.

The community of Gananoque was visited by Outlaws Motorcycle Club members and their associates on Jan. 13.

“We had a contingent from the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members and their affiliates, and support clubs, represented in Gananoque, on Friday evening,” said Scott Gee, Gananoque’s Police Chief. “We didn’t have major incidents to report out from the event. Nothing critical to report out.”

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club has been visiting Gananoque since 2019.

“On every Friday the 13th,” Gee noted.

On Jan. 10, town police warned the community through their Facebook page that they, along with the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Enforcement Unit, anticipated the presence of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club members and their associates within the town on Jan. 13.

Gee said the reason behind making the news public was to be open and transparent with the community.

“Really, the main perspective was to remind the public that Ontario motorcycle gangs are among criminal organizations, and with that, letting the public know that they were going to see an increase in police presence in the community,” said Gee.

“We’re a small jurisdiction, a tourist destination, and seeing the police presence in the community would obviously create some questions or some inquiries, so we thought to be more transparent than in years past, we would let the public know that this event was taking place, there was no secret it was taking place, and that (the public) would see a number of police agencies represented here in the community during that time.”

Asked if town police got help from the OPP or Kingston Police Service last weekend, Gee didn’t want to delve into which agencies were represented.

“It takes away from our planning (if we disclosed that),” Gee said. “But we had numerous outside agencies providing support to us on that day as well.”

– Brockville Recorder and Times

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