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Hamilton Police solidifies fight against gun violence

March 7, 2024  By Hamilton Police Service

Mar. 7, 2024, Hamilton, Ont. – Hamilton Police Service is making its Shooting Response Team (SRT) a permanent addition to the Investigative Services Division (ISD).

The SRT has been a year-long pilot project aimed at addressing non-lethal shootings across Hamilton. The team’s mission is to tackle incidents of reckless gunfire that result in serious injuries or endanger individuals and properties, enhancing safety in our community.

“Shootings, regardless of whether they result in a victim, significantly compromise our community’s feeling of safety. The Shooting Response Team ensures dedicated investigative resources are allocated to address shootings and apprehend those responsible,” said Deputy Ryan Diodati.

The move comes in response to an increase in shooting incidents in Hamilton, prompting a need for concentrated investigative efforts. The team focuses on cases of dangerous shootings where individuals may suffer significant harm or where shots are fired recklessly at people or buildings.


To date, the team has carried out 21 investigations, leading to the arrest of 10 individuals for a total of 98 charges.

  • 2023 – 35 shootings (21 investigations by SRT)
  • 2022 – 45 shootings
  • 2021 – 39 shootings
  • 2020 – 51 shootings

Shootings often present challenges due to a victim’s reluctance to report, driven by fear of retaliation or criminal involvement. The unit is strategically placed within the Major Drugs and Gangs division, fostering an environment where intelligence from gang, drug, and homicide investigations can be shared efficiently.

“We’ve seen incredible success from the focused work of our SRT. They have been able to make connections between several shootings, as well as take dangerous firearms and offenders off our streets – making our community safer for everyone,” said Diodati.

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