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Halton Police changes alarm response policies

June 18, 2023  By Muhammad Aamir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

June 18, 2023, Milton, Ont. – Halton Police in Ontario, following the lead of other agencies in the region, has announced significant revisions to its alarm program administration. These updates took effect on June 15th and brought several changes for homeowners and commercial operators.

One significant adjustment is discontinuing discounted registration and renewal rates for alarm response services. As a result, premises owners will no longer be able to benefit from reduced fees when enrolling in or extending their participation in the program.

Another significant alteration is eliminating suspension from the alarm program due to repeated false alarms. This change aims to ensure uninterrupted protection and service for police officers dispatched to addresses, allowing them to focus on their duties without interruptions caused by false alarms. Currently, the police respond to all activated alarms, regardless of their authenticity, leading to a considerable drain on resources. Approximately 98 per cent of received alarm calls are ultimately determined to be false.

To address the costs associated with false alarms, the Halton Police will continue to charge all cost recovery fees directly to the alarm monitoring companies representing home and business owners. Specifically, a charge of $197.75 ($175.00 plus $22.75 HST) will be imposed for any dispatched alarms found to be false. It is important to note that this fee will not apply to alarms triggered by criminal offences, medical emergencies, or fire incidents.


A transition period will be in effect for individuals currently registered in the alarm program until their term expires. During this time, they will continue to be charged based on the previous rates and program structure. However, once their registration term concludes, they cannot renew. They will be subjected to the new alarm program rates. Concerned individuals are advised to contact their alarm service provider directly for any inquiries related to the Alarm Program.

These updates to the Halton Police alarm program aim to streamline operations, ensure efficient allocation of resources, and provide enhanced protection for the community while reducing the strain caused by false alarms.

– Milton Reporter

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