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Flashing lights and candy canes: The RCMP Candy Cane Campaign

December 18, 2023  By Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Dec. 18, 2023, Swan Hills, Alta. – On Friday evening in Swan Hills, drivers were treated to an unexpected sight at the intersection of Main Street and Ravine Drive as a convoy of law enforcement vehicles and the ambulance lit up the area with a flurry of flashing lights. This spectacle was part of the collaborative efforts of the Swan Hills RCMP detachment, the Community Peace Officer, and EMS for the seasonal RCMP Candy Cane Campaign.

This initiative serves as a platform to promote awareness about winter safety. As motorists passed through the designated area, they were flagged down and handed a sweet treat in the form of a candy cane, accompanied by crucial safety messages tailored for the holiday season.

Among the key safety messages conveyed were stern cautions against impaired driving, emphasis on the importance of being adequately prepared for winter emergencies, and gentle reminders to exercise caution while driving in light of challenging winter conditions. This unique combination of festive goodwill and practical safety reminders aimed to create a positive impact on the community, ensuring that everyone navigates the holiday season with heightened awareness and responsibility.

– Grizzly Gazette


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