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Face Forensics announces upgrade to its advanced tattoo recognition technology

October 8, 2020  By Staff

Face Forensics out of Vancouver, B.C. says it has significantly enhanced the tattoo encoding and matching performance of its f2 advanced tattoo algorithms, enabling images to be matched against an existing database more accurately and much faster than previously.

Developed in response to demand from the law enforcement community, f2 has the ability to identify a tattoo even if it’s partially obscured, for example by clothing.

The system includes automatic enrollment of existing tattoos in a database, automatic batch import and enrollment of tattoos in a folder, and automatic detection and encoding of new tattoos that are added to external databases. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into existing biometric-based systems, and there is no practical limit to the size of the databases to be searched. Large database searches can be split across multiple processors.


The tattoo matching capability is available as a stand-alone/networked application, as a .NET SDK, and as a web service. It connects easily to images in existing industry-standard databases including SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2.

f2 Tattoo Recognition is available for evaluation at no charge by government agencies and suppliers to them. Full online assistance is provided. A short video can be seen below.


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