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CTOA course

February 4, 2015  By Corrie Sloot

Day One: Active shooter intervention (dry fire course)

Focuses on effectively surviving, dominating and neutralizing a deadly threat under stress and effectively responding to and quickly terminating an active shooter attack to minimize loss of innocent civilian lives.

This course will focus on immediate rapid deployment strategies for active shooter attacks which require immediate action with minimal back-up, resources and specialized equipment in a civilian environment. (This course introduced single officer immediate rapid deployment strategies and tactics to North America.) The methodology meets North American Law Enforcement Use of Force justification and articulation criteria and will increase the probability of:

1) Officer survivability, specifically in ambush attacks;
2) Innocent civilian survivability, and:
3) Reducing collateral damage to bystanders during responses in a crowded environment.


This response system is effectively applicable to both terror or criminally/mentally/emotionally disturbed oriented threats.

Subjects covered include:

• Proper firearm deployment and application to neutralize a dynamic active threat under stress;
• Deployment and dynamics;
• Effective response strategies and tactics to minimize loss of innocent civilian lives;
• Effective rapid response strategies and tactics to an active shooter attack for single or multi officer response;
• Building and room entry and take-over;
• Effective strategies and tactics for rapid and chaotic environments, and;
• Effective tactics to maximize a single officer’s ability to engage multiple threats.

Course length: Four hours

Day Two: Suicide bomber awareness and identification

This threat is the weapon of choice for targeting western world countries and interests. It’s inexpensive and precise; an explosive device capable of maneuvering, strategizing, targeting, reacting, and detonating on its own, causing devastating physical and psychological damage.

Hezbollah deployed the first suicide bomber in 1982. Israel has since experienced hundreds of attacks against government and civilian targets, peaking at 10 to 12 per month. Israel has developed an effective system for defending against and countering these threats based on three crucial elements: Intelligence, interception and mitigation.

Subjects covered include:

• Islamic extremism and the Jihadist ideology;
• Attack stages, including target acquisition, planning and preparation, recruitment of the suicide bomber and deployment;
• Awareness and identification of a suicide bomber, and:
• Case studies and mitigation solutions.

Course length: Four hours

Instructor: A former operational team leader and lead instructor with the Israeli Special Forces Counter Terror Unit, Nir Maman has trained numerous military special operations units and police tactical units around the world. FBI SWAT Teams and several North American police agencies have adopted his Active Shooter Intervention methodology.

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