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Encouraging participation

February 5, 2015  By Morley Lymburner

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Encouraging participation

In our January Automotive issue carried a story from the Miramichi Police depicting their “car on the wall” concept. Publisher, Morley Lymburner suggested to Miramichi Fleet coordinator Bob Bruce that since they are thinking off-the-wall, maybe the service should show the car breaking through a brick wall. Six weeks later we received these follow-up pictures.

This functional vehicle front end cowling has working wigwag head lights, LED emergency lights, front push bumpers and departmental decaling. In this age of hyper active movies and TV shows this display’s tongue-in-cheek humour makes for a memorable visit.

“For a small organization I think that we hold our own for thinking outside-the-box ideas,” said Bruce. “We have lots of imagination from all levels with encouragement to participate. Ideas that sound crazy in theory end up happening, like our public relations vehicle with one of the siren tones being the ‘Bad Boys theme song’.

Our emergency equipment installer somehow created a link between the in-car CD player and the siren system. Or our IT person gathering 20 plus ‘Dashcam’ clips, adding music from the song ‘Hello’ by Martin Solveig, to make a ten minute, Saturday night COPS, Miramichi edition.

With the current state of affairs from on the street issues, it is nice to have a little fun sometimes!”

It is also nice to have an open-minded upper management and a welcoming community.

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