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Career Suicide Is Overrated by Brian Knowler

May 21, 2019  By Natalie Harris

Career Suicide Is Overrated

By Brian Knowler; 2018, 116 pages
ISBN: 978-1387748938

Brian Knowler’s book, Career Suicide Is Overrated, is a follow up to his first book, On The Other Side Of Broken-One Cop’s Battle With The Demons Of PTSD (find the review here:, which was released in 2014. Filled with advice on how to be a leader, this book takes the reader on a personal journey through Brian’s PTS (post-traumatic stress) recovery and how he has reached the post-traumatic growth phase.

Each chapter encourages the reader to look at their own path to becoming a leader who is brimming with integrity, while maintaining mental wellness. Chapters like, “Get In Front of Mistakes, Admit Them, and Control the Damage,” highlight how important integrity is when it comes to leadership and promotes “living out loud.”

I especially enjoyed the chapter, “Anger Quite Often Isn’t Anger,” because it addresses our difficulties with identifying emotions, and emphasizes how important it is to do so in order to be a leader who fosters productive conversations with others.

In this book, Brian shares his personal story of recovery from PTS as a police officer, but his words reach beyond just the first responder world and grasp the minds of anyone who wants to learn to communicate more effectively in any career, and in any life setting.

Brian is a leader in many ways, and this book shines a bright light on this fact. Being a good leader is not easy; thankfully this book highlights ways to be such, and encourages the implementation of new techniques to foster positive direction and management
It was a pleasure to read.

Natalie Harris, BHSC, AEMCA, ACP, Barrie City councillor, founder of Wings of Change Peer Support, author of Save My Life School

(Brian Knowler has been a police officer for 20 years, serving across Ontario in both urban and rural areas. He holds a Juris Doctorate and is retired from the practice of law. He has spoken to thousands of public safety and frontline service personnel on issues surrounding mental health and trauma. His new book is currently available on, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, in both print and e-book formats, as well as through independent bookstores.)

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