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Axon supports first responders with video series on post traumatic growth

June 28, 2023  By Axon

June 28, 2023, Scottsdale, AZ – Axon has announced the launch of a new video resource that focuses on building trust and connection to support first responders in transitioning their post-traumatic stress to growth. The five-phase program is now available on the Axon Aid website at no cost to first responders. Axon Aid is the company’s philanthropic arm.

This video resource was developed by the Boulder Crest Foundation, a non-profit committed to improving the overall well-being of veterans, first responders and their family members. Post traumatic growth is a process that first responders can engage with to experience positive psychological changes and personal growth following a significant life crisis or traumatic event. It is an empowering concept that recognizes that individuals can experience positive transformation and resilience in the aftermath of adversity.

“First responders and those who have sworn to protect our communities sit at the center of everything we do at Axon,” said Isabella Giannini, Axon Director of Customer Loyalty. “By continuing the initiatives of Axon Aid, we can bring to light the need for a more open dialogue on the importance of mental health for first responders, so they can continue their journey in serving and protecting our communities, while keeping their well-being a priority.”

This post-traumatic growth segment provides five experiential phases, which are broken out into viewable segments, including:

  • Education to help normalize experiences and educate about post traumatic growth theories and practices;
  • Regulation of thoughts, feelings and actions to metabolize stress and better navigate with the right wellness practices and support systems;
  • Disclosure to assist in surfacing difficult discussions associated with trauma experiences;
  • Narrative development to help first responders integrate their trauma into a forward-looking story that fosters growth;
  • And finally, a component that recognizes that past experiences can help for the future in enriching the lives of others through service.

“We are thrilled to work with the Axon Aid team to bring this new resource to even more first responders,” said Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, Director, First Responder Wellness at FirstNet. “We share a common commitment with Axon to identify resources for first responders that will support and help them thrive in their already demanding roles. By presenting this content with Axon, we hope to make it even more easily accessible to as many individuals as possible, ultimately contributing to their overall health and wellness.”

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