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Airbnb launches new law enforcement portal

September 23, 2019  By Staff

Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb has launched a new online portal for law enforcement, noting it will provide a “secure and streamlined channel for law enforcement to submit valid legal requests for information” from Airbnb.

“Through the portal, law enforcement officers will be able to securely track requests, and receive status updates and customized email notifications,” the company stated.

All requests for user information will continue to be handled and evaluated in line with the company’s existing Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Law Enforcement Guidelines. To protect the privacy of users, Airbnb said it will only disclose user information when it receives a valid legal request or in emergency situations.

Since 2016, Airbnb has published a Law Enforcement Transparency Report to provide insights into the frequency of requests for user information, where they come from, and how we respond to them. Between January and December 2018, Airbnb received more than 3,071 inquiries from law enforcement in 47 countries, of which 811 requests involved the release of at least some account information.


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