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Zip Targets releases new Zip Range Kit

November 29, 2021
By Brittani Schroeder
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Zip Targets bring the safety of an indoor range to the outdoors. No need to go down range to change out targets. It can also be setup from elevated area, such as a deck. The new Zip Range Kit is perfect for shooting sports including firearms, air rifles, archery, paintball, airsoft, slingshots, blowguns, nerf, and any other target sports.

Zip Range is a quick setup and breakdown mobile range for your backyard, field, or favourite spot in the woods. The target hanger can accommodate paper targets, hanging cans, bottles, clay discs, balloons, archery foam, and steel gun targets. The kit includes 200 ft of 550 military grade paracord that can make up to a 100ft range.

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