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VirTra releases V-XR, a new training solution

October 17, 2023  By Blue Line Staff

Image credit: VirTra

October 17, 2023 — VirTra has launched its Extended Reality (XR) training system, V-XR. VirTra has said that the V-XR is a soft skills trainer that will expand their impact beyond traditional law enforcement applications.

V-XR is said to bring adaptive soft skills training to traditional law enforcement and military clients as well as private security, hospital security, educational institutions and criminal justice academies. The V-XR is not a “shoot-don’t-shoot” marksmanship trainer. The platform is engineered to focus on essential skills such as communication, de-escalation and the recognition of mental health conditions, including autism spectrum disorders. The V-XR was designed with “flexible” modes: Educate, Experience and Engage. Each mode is said to deliver transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training.

“This launch reinforces our dedication to innovation and excellence in training solutions. V-XR® enhances realism, integrates soft skills development, and diversifies training scenarios, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective training ecosystem that surpasses the expectations of our valued customers,” said VirTra Chief Executive Officer John Givens.

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