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Resident thanks Toronto detectives who gifted roses to McArthur’s neighbours last Valentine’s Day

CTV Toronto reported an exclusive story on how two Toronto Police officers sought to bring a little light to those who lived near serial killer Bruce McArthur in the Thorncliffe Park Drive apartment last Valentine’s Day.

February 27, 2019  By Staff

Two forensic identification services officers who worked on the McArthur investigation, Det.-Const. Lawrence Parasram and Det.-Const. Peter Gendi, “decided to show those residents they were supported” during the difficult time. On Feb. 14, 2018, they handed out roses to the residents on floor 19.

One year later, one of those who received a rose sent a note to the detectives, thanking them again for making their day and noting how “a small gesture can have such an impact on someone.”

CTV talked to some of the other residents who remember the kindness of the detectives last year.

“They were terrific guys; they tried to be as unobtrusive as possible and we thank them for that. They had a tough job,” one resident told the reporter.


The officers were stationed in the area from January to May of last year, processing McArthur’s apartment.

Watch the CTV video here.

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