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RCMP survey reveals harassment; deep dissatisfaction with superiors

VANCOUVER - Half of the RCMP officers surveyed for an internal opinion poll said they didn't think senior leaders within the force were competent to carry out their responsibilities.

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VANCOUVER – Half of the RCMP officers surveyed for an internal opinion poll said they didn’t think senior leaders within the force were competent to carry out their responsibilities.

Forty-six per cent of the approximately 12,000 officers surveyed for the 2009 RCMP Employee Opinion Survey said they did not feel the RCMP had competent senior leaders within the force, compared to 26 who thought they did.

While the overwhelming majority of officers surveyed said they were proud of the work they do, 51 per cent disagreed when asked if the RCMP prepares supervisors and managers well, compared to 25 per cent who agreed.

Officers in Ontario and Alberta had the least faith in their superiors, with 56 per cent of Ontario officers weighing in against senior leaders and 58 per cent of Alberta officers responding in the negative when asked whether the force properly prepares supervisors.

The approximately 1,500 officers surveyed in Alberta, where the force suffered one of the most devastating losses in its history when four Mounties were gunned down near the small community of Mayerthorpe five years ago, appeared to be the least satisfied.

Fewer officers from Alberta than any other province felt the force promoted the health, safety and well-being of officers and the province reported the lowest number who felt employees were treated fairly.

Thirty-two per cent of Alberta respondents felt the force did not take satisfactory measures to ensure their safety. Fifty-two per cent felt it did.

A spokesperson for RCMP national headquarters was not available to comment Wednesday.

Nineteen per cent of respondents nationwide said they’d been harassed on the job by a superior, supervisor or co-worker in the previous 12 months.

Another 48 per cent of respondents said they’d thought about quitting, some on a daily basis, but most at least monthly, while 44 per cent said they had never considered leaving the force.

Yet from coast to coast to coast, officers reported pride and satisfaction in their work.

Eighty per cent reported the national police force was a good place to work and 87 per cent said they were proud to be RCMP members.

In British Columbia, where the death of Robert Dziekanski rocked the force, fewer officers than the national average felt they were respected and trusted and fewer felt the force was a good place to work.

Yet 73 per cent reported that they found their work personally fulfilling – the same as the national average – and fewer reported that their work was not fulfilling.


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