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RCMP overhauls auxiliary program for volunteers

Following consultation with auxiliaries, provincial, territorial and municipal partners and other stakeholders, the RCMP is implementing a new auxiliary model that includes three tiers. Provinces and territories will be able to choose one or a combination of the tiers based on local needs and circumstances.

February 2, 2018  By Staff

Tier 1 provides RCMP auxiliaries an opportunity to participate in community policing services, such as watch programs, public education initiatives, non-enforcement support to operations, community fundraising events and participation in parades and public ceremonies. Tier 1 auxiliaries will perform these activities under the general supervision of an RCMP employee and will not be given peace officer status.

Tier 2 includes all of the activities listed in Tier 1 with the addition of community presence via foot and bicycle, access and traffic control, and disaster assistance. Tier 2 does not include general duty activities (operational patrols). These auxiliaries will be under the close supervision of an RCMP police officer and will have peace officer status.

Tier 3 includes activities from Tier 1 and Tier 2 with the addition of general duty patrol, attending calls, check stops, scene security and searches of persons. Tier 3 auxiliaries will be under the direct supervision of an RCMP police office, and will have peace officer status.

Mandatory national training standards have been developed for all three tiers and new changes to the uniform will make auxiliaries more identifiable. High visibility garments will be included in the Tier 2/3 uniform and the word “volunteer” has been added. The new uniforms will be rolled out over the coming months.

“The wellbeing of our volunteers is our priority,” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Kevin Brosseau, Contract and Aboriginal Policing. “These changes will standardize and strengthen this important program, while permitting Auxiliaries to continue serving their communities safely.”

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