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November 4, 2014  By Dave Green

by Dave Green

US law enforcement agencies recover more than a million guns a year, by some estimates – and that doesn’t include those obtained through agency buy-back programs.

Searching for a viable way to destroy those guns, retired US police commander Raymond Reynolds designed a transportable pulverizer specifically designed to destroy firearms in accordance with ATF specifications. To document the destruction, he also designed a computer and video verification process for the system.

The GunBusters® Firearms Pulverizer, manufactured by the American Pulverizer Company, enables agencies to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms on-site, within secure confines. It can also destroy computer hard drives, knives, license plates and other evidence. The process includes a computer video package, allowing the agency to document the actual destruction of each item with a date and time stamp.


Designed for major law enforcement agencies, the device is also available to service providers, and can be installed in a vehicle, allowing on-site and remote destruction for smaller agencies and communities.

The video recording program allows a chain of custody on the destruction of confiscated and surrendered firearms. The system is designed with two high-resolution cameras that capture the serial number of each firearm and its total destruction. It displays the operator’s name, witness, serial number of the firearm and the agency’s evidence number. The program simultaneously time-stamps the images to show the date and time of destruction.


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