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OPP distributing new kids safety book

The Ontario Provincial Police and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection have signed an agreement that highlights areas of collaboration to enhance the safety of children and youth in Ontario. The signed protocol, which solidifies a long-standing relationship between the two organizations, focuses on increasing personal safety education and child protection training, working together to support families of missing and sexually exploited children and joint public awareness efforts.

January 15, 2018  By Staff

OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes and Lianna McDonald

To kickstart this alliance, the Canadian Centre developed a brand new safety tool called My First Safety Book for children between the ages four and seven, which helps parents build their child’s personal safety skills. The OPP is raising awareness of this education tool and says it is distributing thousands of copies to families across Ontario.

“The Ontario Provincial Police is working diligently to protect children in our communities, but police cannot be everywhere at once,” says OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes. “On behalf of the OPP, I am proud to partner with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to train as many OPP officers and members of the public as possible about what each of us can do to prevent child victimization and sexual exploitation.”

The My First Safety Book covers important safety topics for discussion including:

• Safe Grown-ups
• Identifying and Labelling Feelings
• Naming Body Parts
• Developing Healthy Boundaries
• OK and Not OK Secrets
• How Do I Avoid Scaring My Child?


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