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Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada

September 28, 2022  By Todd De Voe

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Edited by Chris J. Collins and Darren Blackburn

ISBN: 978-1772556780

The profession of emergency management is growing worldwide. One area that needs to be developed is the academic work and written guidelines of the essentials of the profession by emergency management educators and practitioners. A new book, edited by emergency management professionals Chris J. Collins and Darren Blackburn, Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada, does just that. It is a multi-author book, with 12 contributors from across Canada working in the field of emergency management.

This textbook informs readers of the concepts and principles of emergency management in Canada. Readers will appreciate an overview of the broad range of topics that make emergency management a dynamic profession. After reading the book, they will understand what is expected of someone working in the field, specifically in Canada. The book explores the core pillars of emergency management: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. In addition, the contributors discuss the idea of an all-hazards approach and other important concepts such as community resilience, business continuity, and event management.

Overall, the book is solid. The case studies, the use of the “In the News” boxes, and the exercises that are built in make it easy for an instructor to build a class based on this textbook. Students will find it easy to navigate and a seasoned emergency manager will find it to be a great resource to have on their bookshelf.

Students and seasoned practitioners alike will gain knowledge and insight with the clever use of case studies and real-world examples. The authors also show how and why these examples are closely interconnected with the American and Canadian systems. However, they explore the unique needs of Canada, the hazards practitioners will likely face, and how each province and territory is unique.

If you want to improve your profession or are an emergency management student, Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada is the right book for you.

 – Todd De Voe, IAEM REGION 9 President

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