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How to leverage technology for more effective investigations • WEBINAR

Blue Line and Axon came together on June 26 for an exclusive webinar on "Leveraging Technology for More Effective Investigations."

May 25, 2018  Sponsored by

Technology has transformed how most businesses operate. Today, one of the largest “taxi” services doesn’t own a single car, and the world’s most valuable retailer doesn’t have any inventory. So why is public safety handling investigations largely the same way they have for decades?

In this webinar, learn how you can make incremental steps to streamline your investigations and save time by leveraging recent advancements in technology. Led by Axon’s Vishal Dhir, this webinar included a brief case study of Queensland Police Service’s successes streamlining domestic violence investigations by taking advantage of a technology platform.

Watch the recording above to see what was discussed or visit the link on YouTube here.


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