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Genetec launches e-book to help public safety organizations build smarter cities

August 13, 2020  By Staff

While public safety has always been at the heart of the smart city movement, the global health crisis has created new security challenges. Today, the resilience of cities depends on the open communication and connection between a wide variety of systems and organizations including health officials, businesses, traffic control, public works, schools, transit authorities, hospital administrations, among many others.

To help public safety organizations navigate options and evaluate different technologies, Genetec and Intel have co-authored an e-book called Enhancing Public Safety: Considerations for building Safer, Smarter Cities.

“In many cities, we often see stakeholders who are not collaborating with one another,” says Bob Carter, the commercial head of Justice & Public Safety and Cities at Genetec Inc. “Working in silos can lead to breakdowns in communication, missed opportunities and lapses in city security.”

At a time when cross-agency collaboration and shared access to real-time information is critical in keeping communities engaged, safe and secure, Genetec and Intel believe that public safety agencies should be accelerating their digital transformation. This will enable them to provide “effective and meaningful” inter-agency and community collaboration, a unified view of operations, and access to live data that is critical to maintaining public safety today, and into the future.

Defining and executing a safe and efficient city strategy is neither straightforward nor without risks, the companies note. In this e-book, city and public safety leaders will learn how they can transform their cities by establishing clear priorities, encouraging active stakeholder participation, and implementing a connected technology infrastructure.

These strategies will help cities improve emergency preparedness, provide first responders and law enforcement with “greater situational awareness, and intelligently manage multiple aspects of daily life in the city, including traffic, transportation, and infrastructure.” With these advances, cities will be able to achieve the ultimate goal of being a safer place where citizens can thrive, and data privacy and human rights are protected.

To find out more about how Genetec and Intel work with cities, law enforcement, emergency management, and local governments to help protect our everyday lives, download the e-book here.

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