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Genetec introduces AutoVu Cloudrunner, an advanced vehicle-centric investigation system

May 4, 2022  By Brittani Schroeder

Genetec Inc. has unveiled AutoVu Cloudrunner, a new cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system (VCIS) that is designed to detect, analyze, and securely store highly accurate vehicle identification data to support public safety investigations.

Cloudrunner is engineered to enhance community-led policing initiatives and provide law enforcement agencies, community associations, and campus security teams with a way to identify vehicles connected to crimes, day and night, and in any weather condition. Coupled with hotlist notifications and live monitoring capabilities, Cloudrunner is designed to help officers locate suspects on the move, so they can intervene immediately.

Cloudrunner utilizes vehicle data collected by the Cloudrunner CR-H2, a solar-powered automated license plate recognition (ALPR) camera. Powered by AutoVu Machine Learning Core (MLC), the CR-H2 camera can identify vehicle colour and type, as well as behaviour analytics, such as speed estimation and direction of travel so that investigators can narrow their search.

CR-H2 features onboard integrated microphones that are designed to be utilized in the future to quickly alert public safety and law enforcement officials to a range of sounds. In addition to the CR-H2, the Cloudrunner investigation system is also compatible with existing ALPR cameras such as the AutoVu SharpV and has the ability to integrate with ALPR data coming from select third-party cameras. The Cloudrunner investigation system is designed to remove the complexities of deploying a high-performance ALPR solution. The CR-H2 camera works wirelessly over existing cellular networks (4G/LTE).

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