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Every Officer Is A Leader: Coaching Leadership, Learning, and Performance in Justice, Public Safety, and Security Organizations

November 12, 2023  By Neil Dubord

By Kenneth Gisborne, Pat Lynch and Terry D. Anderson

ISBN: 978-1737785521

Authored by a panel of leadership, law enforcement and security experts, Every Officer Is A Leader, fourth edition, addresses the crucial need to re-evaluate leadership styles in the public safety sector. It responds to the challenges posed by increased complexity, growing expectations and demands, and a rapidly changing environment in policing. The authors aim to explore the profound impact of leadership on individual, team and organizational behaviour within the justice, public safety and security agencies in this evolving landscape.

Building upon their previous successful publications, the authors delve into the significance of leadership in the era of problems with recruiting and retention and increased social demands on police. Employing a multi-source, multi-disciplinary approach that combines theory and practical examples, the book guides leaders in police, corrections, customs, courts, regulatory agencies and security towards assessing their skills, planning for enhanced leadership effectiveness, and implementing processes that foster what they term a “leadership and learning organization.”


Drawing from competency-based leadership and action learning, the authors introduce the Transforming Leadership process presented in Every Officer is a Leader. They emphasize the necessity of equipping leaders to establish both a “leadership organization” and a “learning organization.” The former focuses on building connections and coordinating efforts among various public safety agencies, while the latter nurtures personal relationships with leaders from the public and private sectors, ensuring effective communication, collaboration and cooperation during times of crisis.

The modern leader of the 21st century must proactively establish these networks and nurture relationships to navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of public safety. The book offers practical guidance for individuals to develop their leadership in the modern world.

 – Neil Dubord, Chief of Police, Delta Police Department

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