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Moving Forward with Minneapolis: Ethical Use of Force and Tactics

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July 23, 2020

Law Enforcement officers in the United States and Canada are bearing the outrage for a totally preventable loss of life with George Floyd. Tune in to hear from Canada’s top use of force experts on the real facts on the use of force by police in North America, the gaps that exist in use of force training, management responsibility and ways to improve force options training. This forum is presenting top-caliber use of force experts with international training experience to not only interactively discuss the issues but also provide solutions for police agencies that can help prevent these incidents from happening.

This Remote Training Session with top experts on policing and use of force will cover:

  • Personal response as a police expert to the George Floyd incident
  • The impact of media coverage
  • What do we know about police use of force in Canada and the US?
  • What don’t we know about police use of force?
  • Questions not asked by the media and why they matter
  • Optics of striking vs. controlling (Police Judo)
  • Need for simple single and tandem tactics
  • The relationship between ethics and control
  • How research is helping to improve use of force training in Canada
  • Dangers of gadget reliance
  • Driving evolution in use of force training
  • How to understand and talk about use of force statistics
  • Common use-of-force fails (how to correct them)
  • How police can do better with research
  • The role of independent oversight
  • Why this type of incident will likely happen again
  • Why now is the best time to influence change in police training

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