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Canatek showcases Locking Gun Box

November 19, 2019  By Staff

Canatek, a Canadian incorporation established in 2013, began a development process in the summer of 2017 to eliminate the use of individual trigger locks on handguns. And so, the Canatek Locking Gun Box was born.

This product uses a single lock up pin for handguns in blocks of two, three or four guns (up to eight guns on special order). The Locking Gun Block is modular so it may be removed from your safe and placed directly into a gun range lockable box for transportation to the range.

The ends and base of the Locking Gun Block are constructed of black 3/8” thick UHMW. All the handguns within the Gun Block are secured by a massive 5/8” solid 6/6 nylon pin, which is precision machined and milled to accept a totally armoured rectangular lock.

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