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Blue Line, The Podcast: NG-911 with Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi

June 22, 2021  By Brieanna Charlebois

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The CRTC recently mandated that all Public Safety Access Points (PSAP), or what the average Canadian citizen thinks of as their 911 Call Centre, be fully transitioned to and using Next Generation-911 (NG-911) technology by March 2024. This will enable the public to engage with PSAPs through calls, as well as text, photo, video, through their medical alert bracelets, vehicle OnStar, the list goes on.

This episode of Blue Line, The Podcast features Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi of the Peel Regional Police. Odoardi is also the chair of the OACP-led NG-911 Inter-Agency Advisory Panel. He joins Blue Line editor Brieanna Charlebois to discuss what NG-911 means for the frontline, how agencies can optimize on the technology and what aren’t police and other emergency service organizations thinking about that they should be to ready themselves for the change and how to capitalize on it when it occurs.

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