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Anyline offers police across the globe free scanning technology

Tech company waives fees for smartphone-based scanning technology for border control, healthcare and logistics during pandemic

March 31, 2020  By Staff

Anyline, a provider of smartphone-based scanning technology will offer its solutions for free to emergency, security and logistics services to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“As police and border forces move to restrict travel around the world, there is an urgent need for mobile technology to enable faster ID checks at land, sea and air borders so that unnecessary travel is halted, while vital supply chains remain open,” the company said.

Similarly, healthcare workers also require contact-less registration services to limit the chance of becoming infected by patients with covid-19 symptoms, it added.

In response, Anyline will enable emergency and security services, as well as logistics companies, to roll out its secure scanning technology to the smartphones of staff working at the frontline.


“This will enable healthcare providers to record patient information in seconds by scanning their details, and give security forces the ability to check passports, IDs, driver’s licenses and vehicle license plates at national borders.”

The company will offer its technology free of charge to frontline services and non-governmental organizations “until the virus is controlled and restrictions are lifted.” During this time, support will also be provided so that the technology can be implemented within hours onto the websites or apps of these companies.

“We all need to play our part to ensure this terrible virus is controlled. In the tech community, we have many tools that can support our frontline services and make their vital work easier and safer,” said Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner. “That is why we are offering police, border security, health workers and logistics companies the opportunity to use our technology free of charge for as long as needed to bring covid-19 under control.”

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