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November 7, 2014  By Mark Reesor

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Originally designed by and for stunt performers, a new shock absorbing “smart material” XionPG promises
“the highest protection while retaining optimum flexibility.”

XionPG is meant to be worn as a protective base layer to offer a personal last line of defense and is among the first to implement patented D30 technology, which offers flexible impact protection, no restricting movement and can be worn low profile, the company says.


D3O has a unique molecular structure which allows it to remain soft and flexible. On impact, the molecules lock together, absorbing and dissipating the impact energy and reducing the force transmitted, says ________, one of the company founders, a stuntman and officer with the RNLMP (Royal Netherlands Military Police).

“Traditionally we are taught that hard covers provide the best protection,” he notes. “Whiile this might be true, it also means that the wearer becomes less mobile and heats up very quickly!”

XionPG offers a way to protect your body while still being comfortable doing the task at hand, he says, adding Chadd Harbaugh, the director of the Governmental Training Institute, discovered this first hand.

“I was riding one of our KTM enduro motorcycles in an exercise and hit a tree laying across the road wide open in 3rd gear (probably about 40 mph). The tree was 10 inches in diameter and I hit it hard enough to snap it in half. I flew over the handlebars (bending them upwards with my knees) and landed about 35 feet from the tree. The bike blew both fork seals, broke the clutch and break levers, some plastic, etc…

“I was lucky enough to be wearing the suit underneath my gear and am certain that it helped me avoid much more serious trauma. I had lots of cuts and bruises but none where the suit was padded. I am now looking forward to employing the suit in CQB scenarios!

“So far so good with the Xion suit!”

XionPG offers a full range body protection system without restricting movement, he says, adding it also offers a mental benefit, since the wearer doesn’t have to worry about a potential impact, allowing them to fully concentrate on the task at hand.
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