Blue Line

9mm versus .40 calibre

October 16, 2013  By Dave Brown

1000-word sidebar article to Pistol Calibre Carbines.

The .40 S&W cartridge debuted in 1990 and became a common issue with police departments in Canada starting 1994. Now, 20 years later, we have learned a lot of lessons on the performance of this cartridge.

According to Blue Line Magazine’s Cross-Canada Gun Survey, it is almost an exact 50/50 split between the 9mm and the .40 calibre among police agencies in Canada. But some agencies are now moving away from the .40 calibre and back to the 9mm, while few move the other way. Why?

This short sidebar article will explain the reason’s for the author’s explanation that the 9mm Luger is not only still a very viable choice, in some ways it is even a better choice than the much-more modern .40 S&W.


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