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The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund makes donation in honour of TPS Detective Michael Irwin

November 17, 2021  By Blue Line Staff

Nov. 16, 2021, Toronto, Ont. – On November 16, 2021, at 11 a.m., in the Media Gallery of Toronto Police Headquarters, the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund made a donation in honour of Detective Michael Irwin, a Toronto Police Service officer who was killed in the line of duty on February 27, 1972.

Joined by Chief of Police James Ramer, Patrick Armstrong and Brenda Orr for the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund, Detective Irwin’s widow, Barbara Irwin, was in attendance with other family members to accept the donation.

The Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund is an organization that donates defibrillators to honour fallen police, fire, military and paramedics. To date, they have donated 134 units, three of which have been instrumental in saving lives.


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