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Latest software for TruNarc Analyzer expands substance library

November 13, 2019  By Staff

Photo: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Law enforcement agents, narcotics officers and customs personnel can now identify 34 additional substances and choose from two scan modes with the Thermo Scientific TruNarc v1.9 handheld narcotics analyzer. The latest software update adds new “high priority alarm substances including fentanyl derivatives and other highly potent opioid antagonists, cannabinoids and cathinones,” the company says.

The TruNarc analyzer uses Raman spectroscopy, a “well-established analytical technique, that allows officers to scan a single sample for multiple narcotics in one non-destructive and non-contact test and receive the results within seconds,” according to Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The analyzer library can now “quickly and accurately identify 498 substances, including 40 fentanyl derivatives.”

The continually growing library helps officers address emerging threats in the face of an evolving opioid abuse epidemic. The latest update adds nine opioid antagonists, including three fentanyl derivatives, 18 cannabinoids and four cathinone derivatives (bath salts) to the TruNarc library. Users can also now choose between two scan modes, Direct or Type-H, which dictates which library the TruNarc analyzer will reference to help optimize performance.

Additionally, a new archive feature is available in the TruNarc Admin software that allows users to save data from all TruNarc devices to a networked server, meaning all data can be aggregated to a centralized data repository.


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