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Interpol releases framework for responding to drone incidents for law enforcement

May 29, 2020  By Staff

Interpol released a new document earlier this year, a “Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident for First Responders and Digital Forensics Practitioners,” which it hopes will serve as a reference tool for the many officers who still do not understand these technologies.

“Drones are becoming less expensive while the technology behind them continues to develop rap-idly. As such, we are seeing an increase in their use not only recreationally and commercially but also for criminal purposes,” writes Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock in the framework’s introduction. “Inevitably, this has given rise to serious challenges for the law enforcement community globally. Drones have become a permanent fixture in the current policing operating environment, and one that can only grow in scale and impact in the future.”

That being said, Stock goes on to note how many law enforcement officers still lack awareness and understanding of drone technologies.

“Drones pose a significant threat to public safety and security if abused,” he writes. “It is therefore crucial that officers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to respond to drone incidents safely and effectively. Furthermore, drones contain valuable data which need to be extracted and analyzed to provide evidence to support an investigation.”


The new framework is designed as a reference tool for law enforcement worldwide. It provides an overview of drones and associated devices, first responder guidance for responding to a drone incident, and guidance for digital forensic practitioners responsible for the acquisition, examination, analysis, and presentation of drone digital evidence.

“This framework will hopefully contribute to closing the gap in knowledge of global law enforcement on drones, as well as increase the capacity of global law enforcement – particularly first responders and digital forensics practitioners – to safely and effectively respond to a drone incident,” notes Anita Hazenberg, the director of Interpol Innovation Centre.

Download the framework in the link below.

Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident for First Responders and Digital Forensics Practitioners

The framework was prepared by the Digital Forensics Laboratory of the Interpol Innovation Centre in Singapore. Any inquiries, suggestions and feedback can be directed to:, the email for the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation, .

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