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Cybersecurity in Canada: Operations, Investigations and Protection

September 4, 2023  By Kevin Paul

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By Francis Syms and David J. Smith

ISBN: 978-1774623350

Cybersecurity in Canada is an insightful and comprehensive book that delves into the complex world of Canadian cybersecurity. Authored by renowned experts, it offers a detailed exploration of the challenges, strategies and best practices for safeguarding Canada’s digital landscape. It will greatly benefit officers transitioning to a cybercrime investigations role, or senior officers tasked with leading cybercrime investigation teams.

The book meticulously examines the operational aspects of cybersecurity. It provides a thorough overview of the key considerations for securing digital infrastructure, ranging from network security and vulnerability management to incident response and threat intelligence. The in-depth analysis is supported by real-world case studies and examples that illustrate the practical application of these concepts.


The book also examines investigative aspects of cybersecurity, delving into the techniques and methodologies employed in tracking cybercriminals, conducting digital forensics, and gathering evidence for legal proceedings. By shedding light on the investigative process, the authors not only highlight the complexities faced by law enforcement agencies, but also provide valuable insights for cybersecurity practitioners seeking to understand the broader implications of their work.

The authors discuss the evolving threat landscape and unique challenges faced by Canadian organizations and governments, exploring topics such as risk management, data privacy, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

One notable strength of this book is its focus on the Canadian context. The authors analyze the challenges and opportunities faced by cybersecurity professionals operating within Canada’s legal and regulatory framework by providing specific examples of current legislation, case law, and the judicial authorizations required. They examine the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders, including government agencies, industry partners, and individual citizens.

Cybersecurity in Canada is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in understanding and addressing Canada’s cybersecurity challenges, offering a comprehensive exploration of the operational, investigative, and protective aspects of cybersecurity. As Canada continues to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, this will be a valuable guide for those tasked with securing Canada’s critical digital infrastructure.

– Kevin Paul, Director of Cybersecurity at Cybera, previously Sergeant of the Cybercrime Team for the Calgary Police Service.

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