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Compact version of Swift Shield foldable origami ballistic shield now available

June 3, 2021  By Blue Line Staff

In May, AEGIX Global and ATCS introduced a new compact version of the Swift Shield. Manufactured by Advanced Technology Compliant Solutions (ATCS), Swift Shield Compact is a lighter-weight and smaller version of the patent-pending, origami-inspired foldable ballistic shield. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and departments may now order the original Pro version and new Compact version of Swift Shield. Swift Sheild has been designed so every officer and every vehicle can have immediately available increased protection.

The new Swift Shield Compact version is about 80 per cent the size of the original Pro version and weighs only 4.8 lbs. It is 3/8″ thick, yet when fully deployed still provides 3.1 square-feet of NIJ level IIIa (NIJ-STD-0108.01) ballistic protection, which means it is certified to stop traditional pistol rounds such as 9mm, 40cal, 45cal and 357magnum.

When folded down to carry or store, the Swift Shield Compact version is only 9.2” x 14.8”, which is about the same length and width as a notebook computer. This makes it even easier to store within arm’s reach in a vehicle, backpack, duffle bag or briefcase.


Swift Shield Compact employs the same unique origami folding design as the Pro version and provides new levels of personal protection to professionals in law enforcement, military/defense, and corporate security.

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Credit: Swift Shield

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