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Blue Line Coaching launches programs with personalized support, guidance for law enforcement spouses and partners

March 1, 2021  By Blue Line Staff

March 1, 2021 – Blue Line Coaching has launched programs to provide personalized support and guidance for law enforcement spouses and partners.

Founded by Jennifer Anderson, Blue Line Coaching offers a variety of programs to help law enforcement spouses and partners create goals and structures to build and maintain a healthy, strong relationship with their officer.

“Following a 15-year career serving on an urban police force, my husband was medically retired due to post-traumatic stress disorder,” said Anderson. “As a police spouse, I have first-hand experience and understanding of the struggles LEO life brings to marriages and families, as well as the personal despair of watching someone I love struggle with mental health resulting from experiences on the job.”

Several coaching options are offered, all of which include personalized coaching, access to a private Facebook group and unlimited access to coaching techniques, guidance and education.


“When a spouse or partner register with Blue Line Coaching, I make a personal connection to understand a sense of his or her specific situation and needs,” said Anderson. “Following the preliminary discussion, I will evaluate what I learned to provide the appropriate programming options to help accomplish his or her goals.”

One of their most popular offerings, Empowering YourSELF, is a 21-day action plan focused on strengthening the connection with your LEO. The action plan includes three inspiring modules, with each module providing readings, videos, journal prompts and actions to learn communication skills and build self-awareness to strengthen LEO marriages and relationships.

“The Empowering YourSELF program is designed to provide the confidence, knowledge and tools needed to maintain a positive, thriving relationship,” added Anderson.

Other options include one-on-one life and relationship coaching sessions, and access to an online community of ELITE law enforcement spouses and significant others who understand the stressors, trauma, and realities of LEO relationships.

“By completing the program, I learned about the five love languages and understanding my cup needs to be full before I can fill anyone else’s cup,” said one client, Jackie M. “I also learned the impact of how communication styles can affect relationships and how to appropriately support my LEO based on his body language. This program validated what I am feeling and experiencing as a police wife.”

Anderson is a Certified Life Coach and trained by Choose Your Legacy Life Coaching under esteemed coach, Paul Hackett. She is a graduate of Fitchburg State University, where she earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in English. For more than 15 years, Anderson has worked as a high school educator teaching English in public schools.

“Blue Line Coaching can help law enforcement families go from worried and anxious to being at ease and comforted when understanding the appropriate lines of communication and support when the time comes to discuss trauma endured on the job,” said Anderson.

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